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Exclusive Range of Moisturisers

Moisturiser is a cosmetic formulation prepared to remove the dryness from your skin. It lubricates your skin and prevents excessive dryness on the skin. There is constant water loss from the upper layer of the skin, and thus, the need to hydrate it arises. Moisturisers work to hydrate the skin by regulating moisture loss from the upper layers of the skin.

Normally it is the sebum's function to retain the skin's moisture. Sebum is an oily secretion of the sebaceous gland that controls water. When there is a lack of sebum on the skin, it turns dry. In such cases, moisturisers maintain the essential oil and moisture on the skin. While looking for the effective face moisturiser, you should check its ingredients and select one with a combination of materials. It offers you many benefits at a time.

Different Types of Moisturisers

Usually, there are two different kinds of Moisturisers. One is specially made for facial purposes, while the other is for the whole body. It can be in the form of cream, ointment, or lotion.

Moisturisers for Day Use

These types of Moisturisers generally have SPF present in it. As a result, they prevent and protect the skin from exposure to harmful UV rays.

Moisturisers for Night Use

These Moisturisers have to repair and recollect substances present in them. They improve the DNA and maintain the structure of the cells on the skin to prevent wrinkles.

Range of Moisturiser at DRSQ

Luxurious Firming Collagen Boosting Moisturiser

Collagen boosting moisturiser is a hydrating Moisturiser that feels light and smooth on the skin. It is reasonably acne-prone skin cream and contains antibacterials and hyaluronic acid that help reduce the count of microbes on your skin. It can thus significantly reduce the growth of acne over the face.

BB Cream with SPF Moisturiser

Are you looking for a BB cream that is also a treatment to reduce your pimples? Then go for this acne-prone skin bb cream. It is in our best collection for a combination of properties such as reducing acne, luminance, and protection from sun rays.

Illuminating and SPF Moisturiser

As the name suggests, it is a Moisturiser helpful in imparting luminescence to your face. In addition, Illuminating and SPF Moisturiser protects the skin from the harmful UV Rays by acting as a shield from harmful ultraviolet particles. This way, it reduces the chances of tanning on your skin and adds a glowing appearance to your skin.

Calming and Rosacea Moisturiser

It is the Moisturiser best suitable for ones suffering from rosacea. It has elements that calm down rosacea's effects and inflammatory effect on the skin. Furthermore, Rosacea Moisturiser also reduces the redness on the face and gives a soothing feel to your skin.

Hydrating Peptide Moisturiser

It is the expert's recommended acne-prone skin Moisturiser available at DRSQ. It has strong antibacterial material that kills the unwanted micro floral on your facial skin without disturbing the normal microflora. Hydrating peptide moisturiser also hydrates and improves the texture of the skin.

Advanced Rejuvenating Night Cream

As described above, the purpose of the night cream is to repair the skin cells on the face. When applied at night, this advanced rejuvenating cream repairs the cells and promotes DNA reconstruction in skin cells. As a result, it imparts wrinkle-free, hydrated, and more glowing skin.

Get the Suitable Face Moisturiser from DRSQ Moisturiser Collection

We prepare the Moisturisers with ultimate care. It is free from harmful chemicals and nourishes your skin with care. Our experience and guidance from highly qualified Dr Saba Qutub assist us in preparing dermatologically approved products. Please go through our products and the effective face Moisturiser Australia.