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What is DRSQ Skincare Science

DRSQ Skincare science incorporates the best of scientifically-proven active ingredients and natural wonders. Our active ingredients target wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, dark circles, skin laxity and acne breakouts. DRSQ Skincare’s creams, serums and gels target common skin conditions and deliver outstanding, scientifically proven visible results

What Customers Say



I have been battling Perioral Dermatitis for over a year now. I have tried every product you can think of and I've spent so much money on products and treatments that haven't helped at all. DrSQ Skincare has been some of the only products that have actually soothed and improved my skin condition. I use the hydrating cleansing gel, radiance 3D serum and hydracalm moisturiser, they are all helping me strengthen my skin barrier and feel beautiful on the skin. My skin condition has affected me physically and emotionally and I am just so thankful to have found something that actually works and does not cause any irritation! 

Ingrid Polwarth

Barwon Heads, Victoria

I love using DRSQ products. I’ve often suffered with various mild skin conditions and noticed immediate improvement since I started using DRSQ. My favourite is Hydrafusion, which leaves my skin feeling amazing. Not being tested on animals and being locally made with no harmful chemicals is a bonus! I like the option of ordering online and then being able to pop in and the products are ready for me to collect. I highly recommend these products to all ages as my mum and daughter also love using DRSQ.

Corneil En Wouter

Armstrong Creek, Victoria

I love these products – They are affordable, smells so nice and produce excellent results on any skin type.. Overall Professional products, with Amazing results and value for money 

Tanu Sharma

Waurn Ponds, Victoria

DRSQ skin products have been one of the best skincare I have ever used. After using these products, my skin has become so smooth, clearer and glowing. The products are lightweight and all the ingredients are natural that makes me feel like I am investing in myself and looking after myself. Dr. Saba has done an incredible job making up her skin range. I highly recommend her products

Ingrid Polwarth
Corneil En Wouter
Tanu Sharma