Complete skin care solution incorporating best in medical science and natural wonders

Complete solution for skin problems of all ages

DR SQ Skincare - Science of amazing skin

DR SQ skin care range is a complete skin care solution incorporating best in medical science and natural wonders. DR SQ uses leading-edge active ingredients, potent multi-vitamins, active DNA Peptides and time tested biologicals & herbs. 
DR SQ is 100% Australian, 100% Paraben free, free of harmful chemicals and preservatives, 100% animal cruelty free and Dermatologically tested.
DR SQ is an amalgamation of beauty and medicine. It aims at delivering healthier and safer solutions to get a radiant and vibrant skin.

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Locally sourced and Locally made

DR SQ skin care range is 100% Australian made, incorporating highly effective locally sourced active ingredients and herbs to achieve optimal skin care results. All DR SQ skin care products are designed, formulated and manufactured in Australia with a commitment to deliver a healthy and radiant skin. 

Glowing skin minus harmful chemicals

DR SQ skin care do not contain artificial colours, artificial fragrance, detergents, animal derived products, sulphates, paragons, Cocamide DEA/MEA’s, synthetic fillers, or any ingredients identified by DR SQ research as potentially harmful. Be assured to receive the best available formulations for your skin care.

Ethical Skincare with conscience

DR SQ is environment friendly and ethical. There is no animal testing for any of our skin products or use of animal tested ingredients. All DR SQ skin products have been comprehensively tested dermatologically for non-primary irritation, non-primary sensitisation and to be suitable for sensitive skin.

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