Complete skin care solution incorporating best in medical science and natural wonders

Acne & Blemish prone skin

Requires deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, serum with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and lightweight but deeply hydrating moisturiser.

STEP 1- Cleanse Clarifying Cleanser STEP 1- Serum Blemish Reversion 3D
STEP 2- Serum Radiance 3D or Blemish Reversion 3D STEP 2- Exfoliating Serum Renew & Glow
STEP 3- Moisturise HydraGlow or HydraFusion STEP 3- Moisturise HydraFusion or HydraGlow
STEP 4- Eye Seum I-Hydrate or I-Magic STEP 4- Eye Serum I-Hydrate or I-Magic
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