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Peptides: The Skincare Ingredient You Must Learn About


Peptides are not just buzzwords anymore! People who follow skincare religiously know it’s the active ingredient in various cosmetics helping skin conditions, sometimes stimulating collagen production and other times, hydrating the skin. But, it’s not the end.

Peptides have a lot more to do with your skincare. In this blog post, we will explore what are peptides and what can they do for the skin.

Stay tuned till the end!

What Are Peptides?

Every so often, we hear about any new ingredient being in trend for beneficial reasons, and peptide is one of them, certainly. So, how do you define it? Peptides are the short strings of amino acids that serve as building blocks of protein and elastin fibres, occurring naturally in your body, or we can say when several peptides bond with each other, they form protein.

Yes, they are naturally present in our bodies but tend to decrease with aging, hence you are required to add them up externally. They are present in every body cell and are a good source of energy.

Peptides can assist with a multitude of skin concerns such as reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity and firmness. They do so by boosting collagen production. Collagen is made up of three polypeptide chains and along with elastin is the building block of skin. As you age, collagen production is reduced causing the skin to be lax, less firm and form wrinkles.

What Do They Do for the Skin?

Without making it complicated, you must know that if you are adding peptides to your skincare routine, you can stimulate your skin cells to produce more collagen. And, the result is firmer-looking radiant skinBut why do peptides work well for the skin?

The answer is simple! Because they are able to penetrate through the uppermost layer of the skin and send signals to cells triggering collagen production. They also train and revitalise the skin cells over time restoring hydration, firmness and skin microbiome.

Overall, Peptides play a vital role in skin texture to elasticity. Besides anti-ageing, peptides may also help with reducing skin redness and inflammation.

OK, now let’s see a bunch of benefits peptides can add to your skin:

Reduce Wrinkles

Anti-ageing is one of the key areas Peptides work. They help reduce wrinkles and assist in making your skin firmer and smoother. Matrixyl is one of the active ingredients used in many anti-aging products. It is a synthetic peptide that helps in stimulating collagen production.

From creams to facial peels, peptides are available in vast skincare products to help restore your skin's firmness and reduce signs of ageing

Reduce  Inflammation

Inflammation causes the skin to be red, irritated, sensitive and stinging. A few conditions cause inflamed skin such as dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, drug reaction etc. Using peptides like Acetyl Hexapeptide-49 and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15 can do wonders. They have anti-inflammatory properties to fight a range of skin concerns including, redness, sensitivity, and irritation.

In case, you are facing inflamed skin, these peptides can help. Furthermore, they help in making your skin tone even and repairing the damaged parts of your skin.

Refine Skin Texture

Who doesn’t root for smooth and flawless skin? Peptides are ahead of other ingredients in helping you balance your skin’s texture.

Two peptides, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and GHK-Cu aid in texture-related issues, and can reduce acne scars efficiently. They are crucial to restoring the natural barrier function of your skin and getting a superb even tone.

Hydrates Your Skin

Your skin needs constant hydration irrespective of its type; oily, dry, or combination. Using products having peptides can fulfil the requirement of using a moisturiser, as it has hydrating properties already to lock the moisture naturally.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Hyaluronic Acid Peptides are blessed to maintain your moisture levels and end up reducing flakiness and dryness. We would say that peptides are a game-changing product for your skin with the condition that you use them smartly and thoroughly.

Prominent Peptides for Skincare

Having several peptides is a blessing from nature, but we believe some are more beneficial to your skin. Let’s have a look over a few of the most skin-friendly and sought-after peptides in detail.

Argireline: This amazing Peptide reduces the movement of muscles that form wrinkles and mimics botox-like properties. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles giving you more youthful facial skin.

Tetrapeptides: A smart kind that helps to reduce discolouration of your skin, making it even in tone. You will find this ingredient highly supportive in improving the elasticity of the skin making it look youthful and radiant. The skin wonder here to mention is Advanced Rejuvenating night cream by DRSQ containing tetrapeptide.

Matrixyl 3000: A very popular choice for a wide range of products! It doesn’t only stimulate the production of collagen but repairs the collagen proteins too. That is magical to make your skin firmer and reduce fine lines.

Palmitoyl Peptides: The other name for this peptide is pal-GHK, and it is a synthetic peptide. Environmental pollution and sun exposure constantly affect your skin making it vulnerable to further issues. Using Palmitoyl peptides can work to reverse the damage. Great!

What we like most about peptides is that they do not settle on the upper layer of the skin but tend to penetrate into it.

And, How Do You Choose?

Choosing the right product is no more than a big challenge, and why not? After all, it is all about your skin. Make all efforts to choose the best product. Here’s how to look for the most suitable one.

  • Go for the right form: What would you like to use, what do you need, and which one is more effective on your skin? There are moisturisers to cleansers containing peptides. Be wise! We recommend using DRSQ’s Hydrafusion Moisturiser with the coveted SNAP 8 peptide. It can aid to provide the complete cellular rejuvenation of your damaged skin.
  • Look for the Combination Ingredients: You need to check whether the combination of the peptide with the other ingredients works for your skin. It can be damaging or works magically. While hyaluronic acids or Vitamin C is a constructive formula but alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) may be a less effective combination.
  • You can give a try to the Eye Magic overnight recovery eye balm having a combination of hyaluronic acids, peptides, and ceramides to get deeply nourish your eye areas.

Final Words

If you sincerely love skincare, you must make yourself aware of the key and supporting ingredients in your routine products. Peptides actually worth the hype it is getting, but it is not the only hero of the skincare regime. You must level up your knowledge and pieces of information to have maximum benefits.

It has shown some impressive results in major skin concerns, including aging, dryness, and inflammation. You can expect younger-looking skin with the proper use of peptides, and we can’t be happier.

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