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Discover DRSQ

Discover the science of DRSQ Skincare.
DRSQ Skincare's mission is to provide radiant & luminous skin by incorporating the very best of advanced science and natural wonders.
Founded in 2017, we are 100% Australian owned and operated company, using highly effective active ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrance and animal testing. All DRSQ skin care products are designed, formulated and manufactured locally in Australia.
DRSQ Skincare's point of difference is that we amalgamate the best of advance cosmeceutical science and natural ingredients to create highly effective, evidence based and ethical skin care. DRSQ is committed to ongoing research and constantly explore and formulate what's safe and best for your skin.
There are some 'natural' products on the market which might not offer enough cosmeceutical benefit on skin, on the other hand, there might be some 'active' skin care products with too many harsh chemicals.
DRSQ Skincare endeavors to give you a beautifully radiant skin by providing active & ethical ingredients that penetrate down to the cellular level for optimal results.
All DRSQ products are free from:
- Parabens
- Harmful Chemical
- Artificial Colour
- Synthetic Fragrance
- Animal Testing