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Blemish Reversion

Blemish Reversion

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    • Radiance restoring serum for oily and breakout prone skin. Targets breakouts, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and dullness. Skin becomes smoother, clearer, rejuvenated and deeply luminous.
      Potent serum targeting breakouts, blemishes, pigmentation, congestion and dullness. Makes skin sparkingly smoother, clearer, refreshed and radiant. Infused with Active Vitamin A & B and potent DNA peptides, this serum works as an anti-ageing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory elixir.
      Vitamin A reverses the signs of ageing, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin B is a potent anti-inflammatory, reducing congestion and evening out skin tone. DNA peptides provide deep hydration and improve skin laxity while manuka/ tea tree/ rosemary organic oils works as potent anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterial agents.

      Skin Type: Oily / Acneic / Prone to breakout

    • 1) Clears and calms the skin
      2) Normalises oil
      3) Reduces breakouts and acne
      4) Works as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory 
      5) Reduces hyper-pigmentation
      6) Evens out skin tone
      7) Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
      8) Plumps scar tissue and lines
      9) Damaged vascular network less visible
      10) Reduces congestion in ACNE & ROSACEA sufferers

    • Retinaldehyde 0.5%:
      Works like prescription A without the side effects – non irritating, prolonged vitamin release, safe during pregnancy
      Physiologically alters damaged DNA – new cells replicate in healthier state
      Reduces congestion in ACNE & ROSACEA sufferers
      New collagen production at 3 months – creates volume in dermal tissue Rebuilds damage to structural fibres - plumps scar tissue & fine lines Compresses distended vessels – damaged vascular network less visible Normalises over active melanocytes – minimising hyperpigmentation Regulates sebaceous activity – reducing oil output
      DNA Peptides: Deeply hydrates, restores volume, plumps the skin, reduce fine lines, cell renewal and DNA repair
      Niacinamide 3%: Anti-inflammatory, reduces congestion, protects against the sun damage to skin, restores radiance and luminosity
      Symwhite, Beta Glucan, Carnitine, Aloe, Willow Herb, SodiumPCA: Reduce pigmentation, brightens and even outs complexion, hydrates the skin, removes blemishes
      Manuka, Kunzea, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender: Potent anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory, anti-oxidant, fights infection and bacterial growth on skin.

      Directions: Apply 1-2 pumps of Blemish Reversion 3D to face & neck morning and night, after cleansing the skin with DR SQ Cleanser. Follow with Renew & Glow and then DR SQ Moisturiser