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Reduce Acne, breakouts, pigmentation & uneven skin tone with our premium products in this starter kit combo. Complete with a cleanser, active serum and a moisturiser, all active ingredients in Acne starter kit work synergistically to make your skin look radiant, rejuvenated and youthful.


  • STEP 1- Clarifying Cleanser: Cleanse your skin with this active charcoal complex gel cleanser. It will not only cleanse dirt and waterproof make-up but will also reduce acne & breakouts whilst gently hydrating your skin.

  • STEP 2- Acne Clear: Apply 1-2 pumps of this amazing active serum after cleansing your skin. Infused with active Vitamins, anti-bacterials & anti-oxidants, this serum reduces acne, breakouts, pigmentation and makes your skin radiantly youthful

  • STEP 3- Hydrafusion: Complete your skin care with applying this luxurious moisturiser as the last step. With Snap 8, anti-bacteriala & DNA peptides, this moisturiser not only hydrates your skin deeply but also reduces breakouts and acne formation.